Who is...

Fenster am Dom

Fenster am Dom (Window facing to the cathedral) is the tele-window to the Cologne, Germany.

Combustion in Cage

Combustion in Cage is a digital-sculpture representing fire.


The Pendeograph is a wall plotter without any size restrictions. It's swing and vibration from control wires give characteristic and interesting effects to the drawing. Going beyond the existing home-made V-Plotters made by great Makers, developing reliable mechanism and designing further extensions for various drawing tools, we are going to make a tools for the professionals and artists....


Ant-AI is a concept of an anti-car-theft product. By offering an affordable, yet intelligent device, we wanted to go beyond conventional anti-theft products and explore interaction with personal vehicle and user...

Smartness of the things

On-going thought experiment about smartness of the things.

Camera Lucida

Camera Lucida is a installation, in which a program draws an endless line, while an image gradually appears and continually transforms on the screen.

Interactive Spleen

The Interactive Spleen visualises a rare diesese of spleen, “gaucher’s disese” in real scale with photo realistic texture. In this disese spleen expands its size more than twice as usual.

Talking Heart

The Talking Hert is a research product at antwerpes ag. A heart model, which equipped with bluetooth and Arduino controller sends its position to computer.

Roomba Hacking

Semi-interactive robot for trade fair occation at antwerpes ag. The robot roams around trade fair floor, tries to detect visitors and attaract them to the booth of exibitor.

Symbiotic Things

It is not only living animals and plants, but also things in our daily life interact each other in various ways. In my bachelor thesis I explored such relation of things through the analogy of parasitism and symbiosis in nature.

double helix cable

So called Cable Spaghetti is one of those forgotten problems in our everyday life. Conventional cable is good for power transfer, but its form is not really suitable to store compactly in somewhere.

programming nature structures

Self initiated research project at KISD. Investigated nature inspired structure with programming interface on McNeel Rhino 3D. As application I designed cable binder...


A lamp concept with micro garden environment. The project, “Investigating normal” researched prosthetics and assisting technology, and questioned the therm “disability” in the context of contemporary society.


Dishtoshare is separable plate made out of recycled paper pulp. Its composite form of multiple dishes enables to shape his/her dish and to share a food with others in party and other occasions...

Cultural research: The knives

This research investigated cultural difference of knife usage in two countries, Japan and Germany through ethnological method...

Poetic Chaos

Chaos is unpredictable, but unlike randomness there is a rule behind the behaviour. This short project in Köln International School of Design attempted to design such chaos...

Experience Energy

Using energy is essential in modern life, but it is somehow difficult to understand. For example, can we imagine the amount of energy represented by our monthly electricity bill?

OiD Reader & TING hacking

In this researh I developed a bluetooth signal decoder for the TING™ audio-pen, to experiment an interaction between paper media and computer / tablet. My aim was to development an attachment, without any modification to the audio-pen and extend the possibility of its interaction.

Wood Carvings

Green wood carving works inspired from finnish wooden cup kuksa.